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Client Reviews

"She is an inspiration and helped me along with my journey!"

— Alyssa, Fitness Client

Everybody has a different journey, different goals, and different results throughout this process.

Audrey became one of my clients in Fall of 2019. She had a huge health concern and had to make a drastic change in her life, right then. I remember her telling me multiple times, at the beginning, how she didn't feel she was making enough progress, fast enough. But she kept showing up every day until it was habit.

Now, almost 2 years later, she has created a healthy lifestyle for herself and maintained her Vegan diet and daily outdoor activities!

Audrey is now down 50lbs, and her personal health concern is no longer a burden!

client before and after photo

A 50-pound difference from when Audrey started with me, until now!

I have watched and helped Ruth on her journey for 4 years now! She is what I call, a "Lifestyler", because she has made this her lifestyle. I have seen amazing results and a HUGE change in Ruth's mentality towards health and fitness! She trusted the process and, over time, kept committing to making small changes until it became routine.

Ruth and her husband now cook daily healthy dinners and meal prep for their week together!

client before and after photo

Before Body by Elle vs. 7  months after starting my Fitness Programs.

workout photo

Sheryl signed on as one of my clients, back in 2016, when I was living in Washington. We trained one-on-one, in-person, three times (3x) every week. Sheryl was an Olympic-qualifying swimmer; her specialty was the Butterfly Stroke, and she was fast! I've seen videos and personally trained her in the pool.

Sheryl, is currently in her 50s and was able do 50 meters of butterfly--without stopping--and at record speed, for her, at that time.

I have coached and trained Sheryl, watching her grow and change her lifestyle over 5 years. And it has been so rewarding as her coach to see her changes. Her largest weight loss, in 1 summer, was 43 pounds!

Now, I coach her virtually, from across the country, and I get to watch her mental and physical development blossom and make progress in some new way, every single year. She is a dream client, and gives her ALL when asked to, even if she doubts herself. She trusts the process and me, and proves she can get crazy, amazing results...even as a women after menopause! Defying what most believe is possible.

Our hike together in 2017.

workout photo

Her livingroom and the workout equipment.

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