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My online fitness services are the result of 10 year's experience working with clients and coaching others about healthy living, creating amazing physical transformations, and maintaining sustainable routines.

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Handling Stress and Creating Coping Mechanisms

Humans were not meant to spend every hour of the day stressing, working and then collapsing under the anxiety of all the social expectations.

We were meant to live and thrive and enjoy life!

But in our current world, we cannot escape the "go-go-go" mindset. So, we have to create stress-relieving routines and techniques to help us cope with them all.

Does any of this resonate with you?

What things really stress you or cause you anxiety?

How do you cope with them all?

Do you have a method or routine that you like to do when you get overwhelmed?

Get Out of Your Own Way

Sometimes we create excuses or use life events to stand in the way of our responsibilities or goals. When that happens, we can lose sight of the things we want and need most.

As a coach, I see this method ^ used quite frequently, and it can completely derail any progress being made. In most cases, I see clients relying on these excuses to be their foundation of belief that they can never achieve the results they want -- they're just too "busy" or "don't have time" or are "too tired" to keep a consistent routine going, and they let that stand in their way from making any further progress.

Let's get real and raw with those excuses (that we've all made at one point or another) and learn to notice them, acknowledge them, and then eliminate them completely. Being more self-aware and recognizing those self-sabotaging mechanisms that we rely so heavily on now-a-days, can be a key factor in your forward progress and continued success.

Macro-Tracking: Why am I contradicting myself?

You'll often hear me speak of tracking your macros or just eating intuitively for your goals. But what do I mean when I recommend tracking your macros for your goals? Should everyone be doing it or just the elite? Why does it matter if I track my macros or not, if I'm hitting my goals consistently? Here's the dish!

Defining Your Goals

Having goals isn't enough to actually achieve them. You have to define what your goals are and why you have them. One way to define your goals is to find your "pain point". Identifying what bothers you the most (or in other words, pains you) will help you stay focused and disciplined when going after your goals. You won't always be motivated to do the necessary things in order to hit your goals, so defining your why and your pain point will help you get there faster and more efficiently.

Consistency and Adapting

Being consistent is arguably one of the most important things you should do in getting results and creating routines. But how can you stay consistent with routines and good habits if life all around you is ever-changing? Here are my tips and tricks to tackling inconsistent days, while staying consistent and not throwing out all the progress you've already made.

Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so I want to shed light on how mental health can impact your entire life, your goals, your relationships, and so many more things. That means that getting help as soon as you realize that you need it, is vital to your continued to success in life. Take care of your mind just like you do your body.

Scale Obsessed

So many people fear the scale yet find themselves always tracking their weight -- becoming obsessed over it! But what do you do when the number on the scale doesn't move? Maybe you aren't getting the results you'd like to see or you're finally over the weight plateau.... whatever the reason, there are a few things you should consider when trying to overcome your fear and loathing with the bathroom scale.


We all have vices, but sometimes those vices can disguise themselves as "coping mechanisms" for things that stress us out. There's a difference between healthy vices and not-so-healthy vices. Being able to recognize what your vices are and what the stressors are that cause you to want to turn to your vice(s), can be a game-changer for your forward progress.


Without accountability, we have nothing. Some are able to hold themselves accountable, others like the help of friends and family. Neither is wrong, but if you are unable to identify what type of accountability YOU need, you might feel lost or even fall off track. Will power and motivation just aren't enough by themselves. Here's how you can identify what type of accountability you need to help you move forward with your personal health and fitness goals.

Knowledge Is Power

When you know your "why" , your reason for wanting to make life long changes, how do you keep the motivation? Quick answer, "you don't." Motivation doesn't just show up or disappear. You create it. And one way, accessible to most people nowadays, is utilizing the internet and social media groups. The effort and time you put in to your groups or into your research, the better the outcome/results. Take advantage of the ability to look up anything, and at any time. If you are pursuing a new lifestyle, you have to adjust to new habits and routines. This can include becoming more knowledgeable and staying up-to-date about the science behind eating right or learn about some of the benefits that exercise has on the body. Knowledge is power. You should feel empowered to make your own healthy decisions through mostly trial-and-error, but also through research and making connections with like-minded  people. The support and  accountability can act as that 'booster' you needed to regain your motivation.

Overcoming Defeat

Feeling defeated in something you really want to achieve is the worst! No one should have to experience that feeling of worthlessness, emptiness, or failure. But the great news is that you don't have to ever feel that way. In this week's vlog, I share my 3 tips to overcoming defeat and how to avoid ever letting it take you down, moving forward. 

Eating Disorders

There are many different types of eating disorders that are commonly studied and researched. Unfortunately, eating disorders are very common and have a huge impact on people's lives. Although there is a large spectrum of eating disorders that are all uniquely different, each one stems back to an emotional and psychological experience, event or situation in your life. Identifying it and working with someone to understand it is vital. If you or someone you know has an eating disorder or an unhealthy relationship with food, please reach out for help. You are not alone.

Hunger vs Cravings

We need food to survive and thrive, but often times we use self-sabotaging habits/routines that can destroy our relationship with food. So how can you really tell if you're hungry or just craving something? Comment above in the comment box (at the top of the page) to get my Hunger Scale Booklet sent to you for FREE

Staying on Track While on Vacation

It's SUMMERTIME and most of us take this time to travel and take vacations...but how do you stay on track with your goals while enjoying your time? You don't have to restrict yourself; you CAN have fun. But here are some tips to help you stay on track and still enjoy your vacation!

3 Ways to Get Started on Your Health & Fitness Journey

Whether you're just starting out with your own health journey, or you are trying to get back on track after years of ups and downs, here are my three recommendations to get you back at it without all the stress. Keep it simple so it's sustainable. 

Finding Purpose in Each Day

A lot of people struggle with anxiety, depression, stress and other forms of mental traumas like PTSD. Coping with them can prove to be a very challenging thing for most. I personally struggle with anxiety and depression but I have really found a system that works very well for me over the past 2 years. In this video I discuss lots of alternative options to try to help yourself not only cope, but to handle and overcome some of these mental wellness struggles.

How Do You Know You Are Doing Enough?

Are you doing enough, or doing the right things, to achieve YOUR goals? Often times we compare ourselves to others around us and what they do to hit their goals. But we really should be looking ONLY at our actions, habits, routines and lifestyle - not anyone else's. There's a really good way to see if you're doing enough to hit your goals without stressing about what others are doing. Watch to hear my recommendation.

Intention Setting

If you find yourself being stressed, anxious or rushed in the mornings and throughout your day, try some of these things to get you in a good mood and ready to tackle the rest of your day. You can't always control the outcome of the day, but you can be better equipped to handle the ups and downs that you may face.