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Certifications and Courses Obtained

Precision Nutrition Certifications

- 130 hours total-

- Dietitian Level 1

- Traditional Weight Management

- Infant Feeding Guidelines

- Infant Adiposity During First 6 Months of Life

- Childhood Picky or Fussy Eaters

- Supporting Those with Malnutrition

- Managing Malnutrition

- Gut and Brain Diet Connection

- Muscle Loss Prevention

- Medical Nutrition Therapy Managing Type II Diabetes

- Healthy and Sustainable Diets with Dairy

- Intermittent Fasting

- Ketogenic Dieting

American College of Sports Medicine Certifications

-7 years certified-

- Personal Trainer (PT)

- Master Trainer (MT) [1000+ hours]

- Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES)

Red Cross

-12 years certified-



- First Aid

- Blood Borne Pathogen

- Lifeguard

- Childhood Swim Instructor

National Personal Trainers of America

-6 years certified-

- Sports Nutritionist

- Wellness Practitioner

- Bootcamp Coach

- Pilates and Yoga Instructor

- TRX Instructor

Other Relevant Degrees and Courses Taken:

Associate Degree in Creative Writing, Journalism

Bachelor Degree in Communication and English

2nd Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Philosophy

120 Master Degree credits towards Dietetic Internship

37 CEUs of Human Nutrition

20 CEUs of Biology and Physiology

18 CEUs of Social Media and Marketing

12 CEUs of Human Psychology

80 hours of Dietetic Clinic Experience

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