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Strengthen Your Entire Body with This One Item

Do you want toned arms, a strong core and to strengthen your entire body? How about improve your flexibility and challenge your balance and coordination all at once?

Well, you actually can, and you can do it all with just one piece of equipment.

No, not a bench press or multi-cable machine, although those are great to have too, but not so great on the budget or space.

This one workout tool can be purchased for a fairly affordable price. You can find it here for just $32.99, if you buy the exact one I use. You've probably seen it somewhere in your community gym lying around in the corner somewhere or maybe even on a rack in the back.

Have you guessed what it is yet? That's right, it's a medicine ball!

Now, I'm sure most of you reading this know exactly what a med ball is, because they aren't new and are used by thousands of trainers all over the world, but maybe you've never used one or owned one yourself. So, here's your sign to invest in yourself and your fitness today!

Not ready to commit just yet....... that's okay.

This blog is here for the main purpose to share all the pros and cons of using the Med Ball and if it's the right equipment for you and your goals.

Med balls can challenge every muscle in your body and are a great way to get you one step closer to your fitness goals. They are extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways.

Let me show you: [watch video]

Whether you're doing HIIT (high-impact interval training) exercises, or keeping it steady with low impact movements, medicine balls are perfect for beginners, or those recovering from injury, as well as more advanced athletes and trainees who want to work on more functional skills, like rotation and anti-rotation movement patterns.

The best part is that using the medicine ball is easy to learn and really fun!

You can get an incredible full-body workout with just the medicine ball, and you can easily take it with you indoors, outdoors, and on travel.

So, you might be thinking, but Coach Elle, is it actually worth buying? My answer is a resounding "yes!", but here are some things to consider before you decide to invest in one for yourself:


- easy to learn how to use

- great for multi-functional movements

- can help you build muscle and lose fat at the same time

- affordable piece of equipment

- the only equipment you really need to work your entire body

- durable equipment perfect for slamming down to the ground or throwing up in the air

- easy to purchase and have shipped directly to your door

- easy to clean

- comes in various weights (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 50lbs)

- easy to store away when not in use


- hurts when it lands on your foot (but not as much as a dumbbell would)

- depending on where you buy it from, you could be grossly over charged if you buy from a department store

- requires some creativity with each workout/exercise (unless you have an awesome coach or her videos to watch for reference :) )

- not too many colors to choose from if you are feeling fancy (main colors are usually black, blue, and vibrant red)

I have been glued to my med ball for the entire summer and fall months here in the Pacific Northwest because it's finally warm enough to do all my workouts outside! Plus, I can use the ball on the ground or grass and clean it off with very minimal effort. Sometimes I will add a resistance band to intensify my exercises with the med ball, but it definitely isn't necessary to use in order to get a solid, full-body workout.

If you're ready and convinced that this is a piece of equipment you need to add to (or replace) your current workout, then click here to buy my favorite medicine ball!

Are you considering buying more than one?

I know I have been considering it for quite some time because having just the 20lb med ball for me has been great, but I want to incorporate more workouts with my daughter, age 5. So, having lighter weights will help her gain the confidence and build up the strength as she gets older. I will be buying the 5 and 10-pound med balls this upcoming winter, when we move our workouts more indoors.

I think it's always great to start with a lighter weight first, then move up as you adjust and get stronger. The 15-pound or 20-pound medicine balls would be my personal recommendation to get started with if you've never used them before and are just getting started with weight training.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

Eleanor Campbell, CEO of Body by Elle, Nutritionist, Trainer and Mother

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