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Totally TRX

Totally TRX


FOCUS: Bicep, Back, Abs & Legs


Download this Gym Workout--good for both Gym and Home (If you have a TRX at home). Get sculpted shouders, back, chest and core with just TRX straps! You can modify this entire workout if you have those sturdy, thick loop resistance bands to anchor to a stronghold point in your house.



This 40 to 45-minute Workout is designed to help tone, sculpt and build lean muscle! You just need TRX straps or a heavy duty, thick resistance band that can withold you entire bodyweight.



Workout Includes:

  • Workout Pictures/Figures to demonstrate the exercises properly and with good form
  • Written Description of each exercise movement
  • An estimated timeframe to finish the workout
  • Figures to show you have many reps and sets you should aim for
  • How long your "Rest" period should be in between sets and exercises
  • What muscle(s) this workout focuses on


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