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TRX Training At Home + Free Workout

For nearly nine years, the TRX suspension trainer straps have been a go-to for my in-person and virtual clients, including for myself. The TRX suspension straps allow for numerous full-body exercises, plus convenient storage, and incredibly easy setup virtually anywhere, even if you're on vacation or business travel.

I have brought with me my TRX straps to the hotels I have stayed at for conferences or even meeting with friends. It's super convenient to have on hand and removes any of the excuses to not workout. The TRX straps utilize several different options of suspension within a variety of spaces and environments. You can adjust the straps in length, as well as change up your body's positioning to the ground. It's perfect for beginners to advanced athletes, and any body size! If you have a door frame or solid anchor point, you're good to go!

You can challenge yourself with it's scalable progressions by simply changing up the strap lengths or your orientation to the floor.

The true success and ingenuity behind this product lies within the simplicity of use and design. With just two straps and two handles, the TRX is capable of much more than you'd probably expect. The straps are super durable and even after 8 years of use with mine, and a few shampoo treatments to just remove sweat and dust, they are still in "like-new" condition!

I first was introduced to TRX suspension training when I got certified as a Personal Trainer through ACSM back in 2015. I learned how to use the straps and adjust them as needed, soon learning to really master them for myself. I loved using them to train my clients, so I decided to get certified in TRX master training to really help each of my clients the best way I could when they are on a budget or with limited space and time.

Upon getting certified as a TRX instructor in 2016, I started incorporating TRX suspension training in a lot more of my workouts, even throughout my own pregnancy as seen in the photo below.

But, what I really enjoy the most about these straps are that they are so convenient and easy to bring with you anywhere you go. If you can find a tree with a sturdy branch, you can literally workout right there in the sunshine and fresh air, and with little set up required.

There are countless TRX exercises that can be done.

** Consult with your doctor before starting new exercises while pregnant.

With no added weights, equipment or 'skill' needed, you can use your own body weight (or a percentage of it) by progressively adapting to new angles, speed/tempo of your movements, and how many reps you do for each movement.

For example, if you are standing straight up, you would hypothetically be at a 90 degree angle from the floor. 90 degrees should be your starting point if you've never used this suspension training system - just to familiarize yourself with the different mechanics of each exercise. You can workout both your lower and upper body (including your core/abs) with these straps.

Check out my TRX workouts here and download them for access anywhere on your mobile device.

As you lean further back (against or away from the TRX anchor point) you will create more resistance (aka: weight) to your movement. By using your own bodyweight you can reach your goals by manipulating leverage with your own body.

To use these supportive straps, you can either hold onto the handles or put your feet into the straps. By changing your body position slightly, up or down, you’re working against gravity to build your body and burn stubborn body fat.

You can get an effective workout and feel a serious burn in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Check out my TRX at-home workouts here! In these workouts you will see progressive workout examples, and see why TRX is a must-have home training accessory.

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Grab your TRX suspension training system right here!

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Eleanor Campbell, CEO of Body by Elle, Nutritionist, Trainer and Mother

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