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The Big 3-Pack Challenger
  • The Big 3-Pack Challenger

    $39.99 Regular Price
    $23.99Sale Price

    This 3-Pack Challenger contains 3 Workouts based around 3 core movements that will ultimately put you to a physical and mental test! Challenge yourself and see what you can do!

    The best part, is that you can watch yourself literally change and improve within a matter of days!


    I have also included my "Assessment" workout and "Client Action Sheet" that I give to all of my top clients. These materials allow you to track and document your daily progress with each workout or challenge routine!

    The best way to see results, before the scale shows it, is to write it down! Write down your reps, take note with the weight you used, or the pace you went! Did you have to take break this time?


    Challenge yourself and watch yourself change in just 1 week!



    This 3-Pack Challenger Comes With:

    - 3 unique workout routines that target specific muscle groups

    - a workout calendar template for you to plan your Challenge Workouts every week

    - my client assessment tool to help you see where you currently are and make progress from there using my "Assessment Workout" 

    - a "Client Action Sheet" for you to track and document your workouts and progress each day after

    - a quick Nutrition Guide to give you the basic understanding of what foods you should be having in your home

    - lifestime access to my online Support Group whether or not you complete these challenges!

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