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Full Body Tone & Sculpt
  • Full Body Tone & Sculpt


    FOCUS: Biceps, Abs, Chest, Back


    Download this Gym or Home Workout is light to moderate weight workout using dumbbells to build lean, sexy muscles from neck shoulders to calves!



    This 20-25-minute Workout is designed to help tone, sculpt and build lean muscle! You will need dumbbels and a Bosu Ball is optional for 2 exercises. (You can also just use a pillow folded over, stack of towels or blankets, or just hold yourself up in a v-sit position if you have abs of steel)!



    Workout Includes:

    • Workout Pictures/Figures to demonstrate the exercises properly and with good form
    • Written Description of each exercise movement
    • An estimated timeframe to finish the workout
    • Figures to show you have many reps and sets you should aim for
    • How long your "Rest" period should be in between sets and exercises
    • What muscle(s) this workout focuses on


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