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Bodyweight Buff
  • Bodyweight Buff


    FOCUS: Abs, Back, Legs and Shoulders


    Download this Gym Workout great for building lean muscle and increasing strength (over time) with fast-paced HIIT workout. This workout includes high-intensity exercise movements.



    This 20 to 25-minute Workout is designed to help tone, sculpt and build lean muscle! Equipment can be used for this workout, but is not required. Get creative and use a broom stick or Swifer Sweeper pole instead of a barbell. This workout is more about the range of motion and control of your movements, rather than lifting heavy weights.



    Workout Includes:

    • Workout Pictures/Figures to demonstrate the exercises properly and with good form
    • Written Description of each exercise movement
    • An estimated timeframe to finish the workout
    • Figures to show you have many reps and sets you should aim for
    • How long your "Rest" period should be in between sets and exercises
    • What muscle(s) this workout focuses on


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