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12-Week One-on-One Coaching
  • 12-Week One-on-One Coaching


    An all-inclusive Program that gives you everything you need for a full-body transformation (for all fitness levels and fitness goals) including a personalized diet/meal plan to follow, workouts and my coaching for the entire month (and continuing months if subscribed) to keep you on track and ensure amazing results!


    I offer extremely effective At-Home Workout options in addition to Gym programs.

    Challenge includes 2 FULL PROGRAMS, with 2 Nutrition Options for you to choose from (all are included - you pick one after you sign up):

    • At-Home Shredding Program


    • Gym Shredding Program


    • Vegetarian


    • Standard


    Note: Some of the At-Home Workouts require a treadmill, dumbbells or a bosu ball. All exercises, however, can be modified or adjusted if you have no equipment or need to run/jog/walk outside instead.

    All workout programs include Exercise Descriptions and modifcations in the workout notes optional, if interested.


    Take Control Over Your Health!


    This time of year can be crazy busy and that’s why I am taking only a few new clients every month. This program  WILL get you RESULTS if you put in the work. It is also 100% flexible and CUSTOMIZABLE to you and your specific goals!


    Take action by starting a program that’s going to get you REAL RESULTS, FAST! If you’re not happy with your current physique, lifestyle, health or fitness maybe it’s also time for a new YOU! Whether you've just begun getting into a healthy lifestyle, or someone who has taken this journey with me before, this program has something for everyone. Most times we fail after starting a new fitness program because we don’t get everything we need to succeed in reaching our goals - that’s why I've created this proven-method Programs...AND it's why I customized it to YOU and your goals! 

    Set yourself up for success with a comprehensive nutrition and training program that has been proven on thousands of my clients. Stay on track with a like-minded, supportive, fun group of people and have me, Elle, as your coach, helping and encouraging you every step of the way! Let’s have a healthy, happy, fun and FIT season!

    This challenge is equally effective for both men and women.

    Upon purchase you will receive an email with a welcome letter including a Health Screening and Physical Assessment so I can make sure I'm really getting to know you and your current health standing.


    My 3-Part Macro-Based Nutrition Pack includes: Recipes, Grocery List and Meal Planners.

    You definitely don't want to miss this!!!


    Sign up TODAY because there are LIMITED SPOTS!

    Members will get the following:

    • 12 weeks of workouts with 15 different fitness routines to choose from based on your specific goals: Shred Fat or Tighten & Full Body Recomp!

      • Both At-Home and Gym workout options included. All you will need is 1-2 sets of dumbbells and a place to jog/run (or treadmill/elliptical) for the At-Home programs.

      • The most advanced and tailored meal plans ever offered in a virtual coaching setting--  including your own custom calories & macros!

      • Several example diets / meal plans so you know exactly what to eat and when, with a variety of meal/snack options.

      • Calorie / Macro counting explained so you can learn how to track your own food and prepare your own meals.

      • Fun, goal-oriented recipes to help make healthy food choices that taste great!

      • Access to my Private Facebook Support Group.

      • Access to me (Coach Elle), a Board Certified Natural Wellness Practitioner, Certified Athletic Trainer & Sports Nutriontist, to ask anything and have my support & guidance 24/7

      • Access to Videos of my Full Workouts (pre-recorded LIVE Workouts)

      • Vegetarian and Standard Nutrition Plan options

      • Supplement recommendations at your request

      • The opportunity to learn A TON about nutrition, training and what works best for your body.

      • Refunds


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