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100% Customized 12-Week Diet and Training Plan
  • 100% Customized 12-Week Diet and Training Plan


    This program is best for serious clients interested in achieving their fitness goals (whatever they may be) who want extra accountability and motivation working with me! This program comes with two physique check-ins which means the opportunity to change your program to break any plataues and make adjustments/revisions to your program if needed. You'll also have my 24/7 email support throughout the 12 weeks for any questions/concerns!

    More on what this plan offers:

    -12 weeks of a downloadable fully customized program to your current body composition and goals

    - Full Health and Physical Assessments

    - for Male or Female

    - Supplement Guidance

    - My Nutrition Fundamentals Guide

    -Detailed and very easy-to-follow program

    -My personal favorite healthy and tasty recipies!

    -A personalized diet plan with plenty of meal options and variety

    -A fun and diverse grocery list of foods you like that I've incorporated into your program

    -Vegetarian and Standard diet plan options

    -A variety of different workouts weekly which are tailored and fit into your personal schedule

    -Home or Gym

    -24/7 Email support for questions, concerns or motivation

    -Monthly progress picture check-ins

    -Free updates and revisions to your program if needed to ensure we continue to see results and reach your goals

    -Open for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

    -Real results if you're willing to put in the real work!

    -Available Worldwide

    Upon purchase you will receive my health Questionnaire/consultation to the email you provided during check-out. Please finish it and email it to me directly at ASAP and I will have your program finished and ready for you to start in 3-7 days!

    Please include a before photo with the consultation and progress pictures at the 4 and 8 week marks. With your permission, I may feature your 12-week transformation on my Instagram @body_by_elle!

    Note: All Diet/Training programs are non-refundable.

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