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What is My Exclusive Virtual Gym?

My Exclusive Virtual Gym is an online fitness challenge that delivers fun and accessible ways to workout and get healthy in a private group setting!

 I host My Virtual Gyms seasonally (4 times a year). Prices vary depending  on how long each Virtual Gym last. 

 From $5-45 and 3-21 days ]


I also host a Support Group that is always open, so that those wanting extra motivation in between seasonal Exclusive Virtual Gyms, get the support they need.

                 YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK PROFILE TO JOIN.         

If you already have a Facebook Account click right here! 

What Sets My Virtual Gym Apart From Your Local Gym?

Joining a community of like­-minded people is crucial to your success! Knowing you are not alone is half the battle! But also having the ability to share and see what others are going through can be a very motivating factor in keeping you tuned in and realistic with your own progress and goals.

Reserve your spot NOW and pay LATER!

When you join my Support Group, you get first access to all of my Elite Virtual Gym Challenge Groups, as long as you remain a Support Group Member.

Other Member perks include:
  • - Member-Exclusive Discounts and Deals
  • - First Access to all of my Exclusive Virtual Gyms
  • - 24/7 Access to my Pre-recorded Full Workout Videos and Nutrition Files
  • - Group Recipe Shares
  • - Support and Motivation
  • - Group Encouragement
  • - Positive Culture and Community of Like-Minded People

In My Virtual Gyms, you will get access to invaluable information and videos like these + SO MUCH MORE!

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