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Elle's Homeschooling Necessities

I homeschool my daughter and these are just a few of the items we use every week. Check with your state's homeschool requirements before purchasing. These items are specific for ages 4-9. 

tracing workbook
number charts and boards
desk organizer
homeschool desk
multipurpose pencil holder 360 rotation
multiplication table chart
white board with markers
homeschool desk
addition subtraction board
desk organizer
learning cursive
today is chart
learning globe
word cards for homeschool
homeschool hole punch system
I DID IT reward chart
magnet money
pencil sharpener
site words cards level 1 - 5
site words flash cards
meterology activity book
First Grade phonics
premade homeschool charts and signs
money practice for kids
homeschool mama shirt
multiplication grid
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